More Movie Posters for 2014’s Awesome Holiday Movie Lineup

The Holiday season will surely be awesome! With the climactic battle of Middle Earth taking place, the world’s most lethal sniper being unleashed, the final encounter of museum pieces coming to life, the struggle of a wounded WWII soldier being told, an actor making a comeback via Broadway, a female painter fighting for ownership of her artworks, and a group of penguins taking on spy hi-jinx, what is to miss for the season! 

More Posters for 2014’s Holiday Movie Season

With the final Hobbit movie rolling with awesomeness, witness these movies roll as well: Bill Murray as a nasty babysitter, Reese Witherspoon spelunking across a valley, and Jeremy Renner in a corrupt CIA period.

More Awesome Movie Posters for the 2014 Holiday Season

2014’s award season will truly be awesome. You got the last chapter of Bilbo Baggins’ unexpected journey. You got Keira Knightley aiding Benedict Cumberbatch encrypt some code. You got a cuddly teddy bear coming to life. And you got Jude law in a middle of a treasure hunt.